The Snap Latch Setting Tool is used to mechanically set Cement Retainers and Cement Retainers with Flapper Valves. With only minor modifications, the Snap Latch Setting Tool can be converted to set Bridge Plugs or converted to a Mechanical Setting Tool, to set Bridge Plugs.
The Snap Latch Setting Tool contains a built in Snap-Latch feature which allows the Setting Tool to be latched into the Cement Retainers with set down weight and released with tension after setting and rotationally releasing from the Retainer. This essentially allows the Setting Tool to function as a Snap Latch Stinger Sub which pro- vides an upward stop as the tubing is raised. At this stop the valve (sleeve or flapper) is closed but the Stinger Sub Seal is still in the bore of the Retainer. The work string can be internally pressure tested in this position when setting a Cement Retainer with Sleeve Valve. Alternate means must be provided to test tubing when running the Flapper Valve Retainer. As shown in Drawing, the Mechanical Set Cement Retainer may be run in the well with the Control Valve in the open position or an Alternate Stinger Sub Body is available for running the valves in the closed position.


One trip system. Mechanically sets tool with rotation and up strain and functions as a stinger for subsequent cementing operations. Easily converted to set either Cement Retainers or Bridge Plugs. Safe run in. Upper slip is securely locked in place and latch is solidly threaded into the body of the retainer.

Snap latch feature latches into the retainer with set down weight and is released with tension. Controls retainer valve. The stinger opens the sleeve valve with set down weight and closes it with up strain. Tubing pressure test is possible with latch sleeve valve retainers by pulling up to close retainer valve prior to snapping out of retainer.

Available Size

4-1/2 INCH

0 mm


0 mm

* For Specification guide please refer Specification Sheet supply with each Product.

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