The WC-SSB Snap Latch Stinger Sub are used when well conditions make it difficult to pull the necessary two inches required for tubing testing without stinging out of the retainer. These stinger subs are designed to positively lock the stinger sub into the retainer while allowing valve actuation with up and down motion. The WC-SSB-1 Stinger Subs will not lock the retainer valve into the open position. Hydraulic effects must be considered to ensure the valve will remain open during pumping operations.


It features a snap-in, snap-out-type latch that provides a surfaceindication of the stinger being landed in the cement retainer (givingassurance that the sleeve valve is open) or the stinger sub beingremoved from the cement retainer (and the sleeve valve closed)

Available Size (END CONNECTION)

2 3/8 EU 8 RD

2 3/8 EU 8 RD

3 1/2 EU 8 RD

* For Specification guide please refer Specification Sheet supply with each Product.

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