This is a Hydraulic set high pressure high angle production packer that can be run in single or multiple zone installations. It is highly recommended for deviated wells where conditions are not suitable for mechanical or wireline set packers. No tubing movement is required or generated in order to set the packer. This allows the well to be kept positively controlled at all times because the tubing is landed and the wellhead installed before circulating or displacing well fluids prior to setting the packer. Two or more packers can be set either at once or in any desired sequence. Packer design features bi-directional, one piece slips located below a three element packing system consisting of dual durometer rubber elements. The slips are fully enclosed in a shear pinned slip housing which in turn is protected by a full diameter guide located below the slip housing. Two balanced pistons are utilized during the setting process. The lower piston moves down to set and anchor the slips while the upper piston moves upward to compress the packing. This action imparts the total setting force to both slips and packing thus assuring a positive anchor and pack-off. The pack-off is retained by a single ratchet ring that locks in and stores the setting force applied to both the slips and packing elements.

This packer incorporates two methods of release, straight pull or rotation. Both methods are contained in the same releasing nut which is located at the upper end of the packer. Straight pull release is accomplished by shearing retaining screws of a pre-determined quantity which frees the tubing. Rotation release is accomplished by approximately eight right hand turns of the tubing which also frees the packer. Straight pull then is applied to completely relax the packer for retrieval. An equalizing valve is also located in the releasing section. The positive acting valve is automatically opened during the releasing procedure to equalize pressures and allow circulation between the annulus and tubing. In addition, a large diameter fluid by-pass is located inside the packing mandrel which allows fluid passage for rapid retrieving while reducing element swabbing.


  • No tubing movement is required for setting the Packer. This allows the well to be kept positively controlled at all the times.
  • Two or more packers can be set together or in any desired sequence.
  • Bi-directional slips to arrest movement of packer once it has been set.
  • Two balanced pistons are utilized during the setting of the Packer.
  • The packer could be released with straight pull or by rotation.
  • It has three elements with hardness according to well conditions.
  • Setting and packing are achieved by generating pressure inside the tubing, by using a device that allows keeping certain pressure during the process.
  • Premature set has been blocked by an integral lock nut. / It has an accidental operation blockage system.
  • In production wells where it is necessary to recover the tubing without moving the packer, an On-Off tool (Left disconnection) can be add­ed.
  • Simple rotation release system.
  • A post-released lock system that allows the tool, totally equal­ized, to be perfectly moved upwards or downwards indistinctively, once it has been released.
  • High Pressure rating up to 10,000 psi differential with low repair and redress cost.
  • It is made from mate­rial with mechanical properties higher than N80 materials and as per customer’s requirements and demand.


  • Injection & Production
  • Fracturing
  • For single or multiple zone isolation.
  • For deviated wells where conditions are not suitable for mechanical or wireline set packers
Available Size

5-1/2 INCH

0 mm

9-5/8 INCH

0 mm

* For Specification guide please refer Specification Sheet supply with each Product.

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