This is a high-pressure, double-grip, retrievable packer that isolates the annulus   from   the  production  conduit   in   flanged   wells,   deviated wellbores,  gas-lift  installations,  and  other completions  in  which  a mechanically set packer is unsuitable. The built-in zone-activated, pressure-balance system offsets pressure differentials  across  the  packer,  making  it  ideal  for stacked-packer installations.

The packer could be released by straight pick-up of the tubing string. It also features an upper slip releasing system that reduces the strain required to release the slips by dislocating a key non-directional slip first, which automatically releases the other slips.


  • The straight-pull, shear-release pins are unaffected by differential pressure, enabling easy changes to the release force before running.
  • All components are locked to prevent pressure buildup or debris from presetting the packer, improving reliability when running the packer in the wellbore.
  • The pressure-balance system offsets pressure differentials across the packer, enabling the element to maintain an effective seal.
  • The double-grip system enables the packer to hold differential pressures securely from above and below, preventing packing element movement and ensuring proper pack-off.


  • Suitable for highly deviated wells and doglegs.
  • Onshore offshore completions, Stacked completions.
  • Water injection/Gas lift. Coiled-tubing completions.
Available Size

5-1/2 INCH

0 mm

9-5/8 INCH

0 mm

* For Specification guide please refer Specification Sheet supply with each Product.

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