The Wellcare Hydraulic Set Production Packer is a hydraulic-set cut-to-release packer that combines the pressure and temperature ratings and reliability of a permanent packer with the convenience of a retrievable packer. The HP-15 retrievable packer is designed using unique design features that result in a retrievable packer suitable for high differential pressure and high temperature applications. The barrel slip located below the elements uniformly distributes the packer to casing loads. The propped element package reliably seals the high pressures and can be retrieved with the packer. Once this packer is run and set, it is released by cutting the mandrel. When the mandrel is properly and completely cut, the packer will release and all of the packer components along with the tailpipe can be retrieved from the well.


  • Anti-Preset – Prevents packer from setting until a predetermined tubing pressure is applied.
  • Anti-Reset – Once the packer is released a snap ring engages the mandrel, locking the lower cone in place. This helps hold the barrel slip in the retracted position.
  • Propped element for superior sealing.
  • Barrel slip design for high load capability.
  • Metal-to-metal backup shoes with 360° casing wall contact for element containment and reliability.
  • No mandrel movement operation.


  • No milling required to retrieve HP-15 packer.
  • Maximum sealing and retrieving reliability.
  • Design to minimize rig time during completion and decompletion.


  • Hot, corrosive, deep, deviated, production or test completions.
  • Wells where minimum casing deformation or damage is desired.
  • Single-trip completions.
  • Multi packer installations.
  • Liner top isolation / mono bore completions.
Available Size

5-1/2 INCH

0 mm

7-5/8 INCH

0 mm

* For Specification guide please refer Specification Sheet supply with each Product.

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