WC-HP-1 is an industry standard, fully hydro static, hydraulic set and shear release single string retrievable packer. The packer is hydraulically activated by applying tubing pressure against a underneath plugging device. The packer requires only straight pull to release.

WC-HPL-1 is the large bore version of the WC-HP-1 packer. Features, advantages and operational procedures are the same as those for WC-HP-1 packer.


  • No Tubing Manipulation Required : The setting mechanism of this packer is released with pump pressure. The packer can be set after the well is flange up and the tubing is displaced.
  • Heavy Duty : Operational to hydrostatic pressures of 12,000 to 15,000 psi.
  • Hydraulic Set for Low Hydrostatic Head Wells : The.’WC-HP-1″ Hydrostatic Packer can be set by tubing pressure alone at any depth. When the hydrostatic head is less than 1,500 psi, however, the packer must be set hydraulically.
  • Setting Mechanism : The design of the setting Mechanism ensures sustained pack-off force throughout the life of the packer. This tool does not depend on trapped hydraulic pressure, but mechanically locks initial setting forces into the Packing Elements. Any additional bottom hole pressure Or mechanical load due to tubing expansion is transmitted as additional pack-off force Reduction of bottom hole pressure or tubing contraction, however, does not diminish the initial setting force.
  • Multiple : Packing Element System.
  • Hydraulic Hold-Down : The Pistons of the Hydraulic Hold-Down are protected against dulling while running in the hole by Restraining Pins installed inside the Piston Springs. After the tool is set, the Restraining Pins shear, allowing the Pistons to bite into the casing before pressure differential from below is sufficient to move the packer.
  • No Mandrel Movement after Setting : All downward movement of the Receptacle with respect of the tubing, and all upward movement at the tubing with respect to the Receptacle during setting are trapped in the Body Lock Ring. Once set, the packer will withstand slack off or up strain (within the limits of the shear value selected). All slack-off goes into the Packing Elements, whereas all up strain goes through the Shear Ring (or Shear Nut) to the Slip Ring and Slips to the casing.
  • Optional Rotational Release : An optional right-hand rotational release with a safety shear value of 50,000 lbs. (40,000 lbs. on Size 43) is available on special order.

4-1/2 INCH

0 mm

13-5/8 INCH

0 mm

* For Specification guide please refer Specification Sheet supply with each Product.

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