The Wellcare model WC-HP-9 is a retrievable, hydraulic-set production special large bore packer that is set in casing to divert casing-to-tubing flow. It is set by pressuring up the tubing string against a plugging device below the packer.

Bi-directional, Barrel slip hold the packer against well pressures from above and below.

The WC-HP-9 packer is a Cut-To-Release or straight pull shear release packer. The shear release value is adjustable for straight pull mechanism. This packer could be set either putting pump-out plug or hydro trip pressure sub at the bottom of the packer


  • Multiple packers can be set close together
  • Easily converted between straight pull release or cut to release
  • Meets API 11D1 specifications
  • Releasing screw adjustment compatibility for straight pull
  • Special Large Bore packer ID
  • V0 validated
  • Single-trip capability
  • Double Grip slip design
  • Single-piece mandrel construction
  • Straight pull or cut to release


  • Multi-zone production applications
  • Single trip applications
  • Multi-string completions with control line
  • For cut to release option special features to be incorporated with the components at the highlighted zone as shown in the picture aside.
Available Size

5-1/2 INCH

0 mm

9-5/8 INCH

0 mm

* For Specification guide please refer Specification Sheet supply with each Product.

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