The WellCare Advantage Series Model “HP-10” Hydraulic Set Single String Packer is tubing conveyed retrievable tool that provides isolation inside the casing or tubing. The “HP-10” Packer is designed to be used in all applications. The packer is available with a large bore or standard bore.


  • Suitable for H2S service– All components meet NACEMR0175 except the size 450-237 in which the body is the only NACE component.
  • Optional Premium Elastomer Trim– The “HP-10” is available with Aflas trim except the size 450-237 which is only available in Nitrile.
  • Short, compact design-is ideal for negotiating tight spots and deviated wells and allows for convenient handling at surface.
  • The Packing Element System incorporates a“zero gap” back-up system which prevents elastomer extrusion at high temperatures and pressures.
  • PERFORM rating envelopes available – Performance envelopes describe the packer’s performance limits under the combined effects of tubing movement loads and differential pressure.
  • Bidirectional Slip System-Opposed dovetail slips prevent movement of the packer in either direction during pressure reversals eliminating the need for hydraulic hold down buttons above the packing elements.
  • No mandrel movement-mandrel movement is not required during setting sequence -this feature becomes important in stacked applications.
  • Hydraulic Set requires only 2500 psi to fully pack-off. Eliminates hydrostatic limitations of “HP-1”.
  • Hydraulic interlock system prevents preset-all outer housing components are mechanically locked to the mandrel during run-into prevent preset and negotiate tights spots in the well.
  • Superior O-ring and backup design-All Nitrile O-rings are peroxide cured for increased resistance against compressive set. All O- rings utilise Teflon back up rings and are tested during assembly of the packer.
  • Packing Elements above slips -Protects slips from debris build up that can cause retrieval problems.
  • One-Piece Mandrel – The “HP-10” Packer is built on a one-piece continuous mandrel that is rated comparable to N-80 tubing.
  • Built-in Unloader and By Pass – to aid in releasing and retrieving.
  • Shear Release-allows packer to be released by simply pulling on the tubing string. The “HP-10” utilizes the field proven “HP-1” shear ring mechanism.
  • Body Lock Ring-The hydraulic setting force is locked into the packer. Subsequent set-down weight (from tubing elongation during production, etc.) and differential from the annulus above to the annulus below (due to draw down of well) will add to the pack-off force and be trapped by the Body Lock Ring System.
Available Size

5-1/2 INCH

0 mm

9-5/8 INCH

0 mm

* For Specification guide please refer Specification Sheet supply with each Product.

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