This is a Mechanical set double grip retrievable production packer for medium to high Pressure applications.

This Packer is a retrievable, double- grip compression or tension set production packer that can be left in tension, compression, or in a neutral position, and will hold pressure from above or below.

A large internal bypass reduces the swabbing effect during run-in and retrieval, and closes when the packer is set. When the packer is released, the bypass opens first, allowing the pressure to equalize before the upper slips are released.

The Packer allows unrestricted flow and passage of full gauge wire line tools and accessories with an unrestricted ID, making it ideal for zone isolation injection and production applications.

It can be set with production tubing in tension, compression or neutral maximizing effectiveness in shallow wells or fiberglass tubing operation. The packer’s mechanical lock-set action closes an internal bypass and allows application of pressure above or below the packer.
This packer also featuresaupper-slip releasing system that reduces the force required to release the packer.
A non-directional slip is released first, making it easier to release the other slips.
The packer is released by a ¼ right-hand turn at the tool, followed by straight pickup of the production tubing.


  • Pressure differential rating up to 6,000 Psi.
  • 10,000 psi, Differential rating packer is also available.
  • Allows tubing to be left in tension, compression or neutral.
  • Internal By-Pass allows packer to equalize prior to releasing.
  • Temperature rating: Up to 350°F.
  • An ideal production packer.
  • Withstands pressure differentials from above and below.
  • Ideal packer for Production, Stimulation & Injection purposes.
  • Tubing can be recovered leaving packer downhole by using an On-Off tool.


  • Onshore-Offshore work over.
  • Production completion.
  • High Pressure Water Injection.
  • Casing integrity Testing & treating operations.
Available Size

2-7/8 INCH

0 mm

13-3/8 INCH

0 mm

* For Specification guide please refer Specification Sheet supply with each Product.

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