The Wellcare Model: WC-RT Retrieving Tool is used to retrieving Wire-line/Hydraulic Set Retrievable Seal Bore Packers (WSRP/ WSRP-1/HSSRP-1/ERSP family) of various sizes.

The latch of the Retrieving Tool is engaged in the Top Box Thread of the Seal bore packer which is a left-hand square thread.
Put Set down weight 3000-5000 Lbs on the Packer, may be slickly rotate to the right to engage the collet of the Retrieving Tool under the supporting sleeve of the Packer.


PULL: In principle, the packer should release with a pull of 5-10 tons. In order to fully retrieve the Packer up-ward and down ward motion of retrieving string will help. Once the screws have sheared the support sleeve moves upwards freeing the support beneath the finger of the collet. The latter can then flex and detach itself from the thread linking it to the base of the Housing. On upward movement of the body of the packer the compression of the packing element is released and the slips retracted. The Setting Sleeve is supported by the Ring which rests on the top of the piston above the o-ring.

To disengage the retrieving tool from the packer at the bottom or on the surface, a safety release feature is also provided. A Shear Ring with 6 nos. of brass shear screws having shear value 3565 lbs. per screw provided for emergency release of tool should be accomplished by giving 10 ~ 15 right hand rotations followed by a straight pull of 22,000 lbs.

NOTE: All feasible distinct sizes of Retrieving Tool could be provided with specific grades of material and end connections; standard or premium thread, as per the customer’s requirement.

Available Size


0 mm

5.768 INCH

0 mm

* For Specification guide please refer Specification Sheet supply with each Product.

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