The Model WC-HSSDP and WC-HSDDP Hydraulic Set Seal Bore Drillable Packers are hydraulically set versions of the WC-WSSDP Packer. WC-HSDDP Model has an enlarged upper seal bore, which permits the maximum possible bore through the seal accessory which is latched into the packer. These Packers incorporate maximum strength, uniformity of setting pressure, standardization of materials and a one-piece body.

The range of bore sizes offered is such that accessories which are used for WC-WSDDP series of Packers may be used with the WC-HSDDP Packers.
The Large Bore Packers are made in sizes which enables them to use the range of accessories which is available for drillable series of Packers. They have a lower pressure rating because of the increased bore size. The hydraulic setting mechanism makes packers particularly suitable for use in highly deviated wells. Careful choice of materials for components, which are exposed to the well fluids, enables the packers to be used in a wide range of operating conditions.

MODEL: WC-HSSDP (Single Bore) | WC-HSSDPL (Single Large Bore)
MODEL: WC-HSDDP (Double Bore) | WC-HSDDPL (Double Large Bore)


  • Solid, slim lined construction and a packing element system which resists swab-off. This permits a fast run-in (when compared with earlier models of permanent packers) without fear of impact damage or premature setting, yet packs off securely and permanently when the packer is set.
  • Two opposed sets of full circles; full strength slips ensure that the packer will stay where it is set.
  • Interlocked expandable metal back-up rings contact the casing and create a positive barrier to packing element extrusion.
  • Setting requires no rotation or reciprocation, thereby eliminating the problems of spacing out, landing etc.
  • The WC-HSDDP Packer is run with Anchor Seal Nipples or WC-STNE-1 Setting Tool Nipple.
  • All O-Rings which separate casing and annulus pressures are supported by back-up rings to improve long term seal integrity.
  • All Packers are designed to withstand pressure differentials up to 10,000 psi.
  • Guide furnished as standard, allowing the attachment of a mill out extension or other equipment below the packer.
  • All alloy materials within the packer are suitable for H2S service.
  • Can be furnished with Kalrez O-Rings for severely corrosive environments.
  • Body & Guide (components in flow paths) can be furnished in customer’s choice of material.
  • Fluid displacement is possible after well is flanged up and prior to setting the packer.
  • Setting sequence of packer may be controlled to start at 1,500 psi.
Available Size


0 mm

9-5/8 INCH

0 mm

* For Specification guide please refer Specification Sheet supply with each Product.

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