The RETAINER PRODUCTION PACKER have the body lock ring and setting sleeve on the lower end of the packer and incorporate an oversized seal bore in the upper end. Because size limitations prevented conversion into the top set design, all the small size WC-FA and WC-FAB Packers remain bottom-set. Those older versions bottom-set packers that remain in the product line are covered in this unit.

The Model WC-FAB Retainer Production Packer is a variation of the WC-FA Packer that is equipped with a threaded bottom guide to accommodate various extensions. Available extensions include the Mill- out Extension and Seal Bore Extension.


  • The WELLCARE Model WC-FA Retainer Production Packer, set with the Wireline Pressure Setting Assembly, provides a safe, fast and economical method of placing a permanent large-bore drillable Packer at any predetermined point in the casing.
  • The smaller sizes of the Model WC-FA Retainer Production Packers are designed for tubing less completion. They have a large upper sealing bore that allows the largest possible opening through the Packer. All sizes include a lower sealing bore that can be used if necessary.
  • The Wireline Adapter Kit, Product must be ordered specifically for the Model WC-FA Packer however, all other Wireline Setting Tools are the same as those used to set Models WC-WSSDP and WC-WSDDP Packers.
  • The Size 43FA – 36FA Packer can also be set on tubing or drill pipe using the Hydraulic Setting Assembly, and being used in conjunction with a Wireline Adapter Kit. For additional information concerning tubing setting, refer to other units within Service Packers. For assembly information and instructions, setting procedures and disassembly instructions on the Wireline Pressure Setting Assembly, refer to units filed within Service Packers “Wireline Setting Equipment”
Available Size


0 mm

5-1/2 INCH

0 mm

* For Specification guide please refer Specification Sheet supply with each Product.

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