This Wellcare Electric Submersible Pump(ESP) Packer is used with a completion that requires an electric submersible pump below the packer to assist in pumping the formation fluids to the surface. The ESP packer incorporates aby pass or pass – through section to provide means for an electric cable to be run through the packer to supply power to the electric submersible pump below the packer.

This ESP packer is a single-mandrel, dual-bore hydraulic-set production packer. The packer has a NPT chemical injection port and one NPT port for a vent valve. The packer is set by pressuring up the tubing string against a plugging device below the packer and is locked in the set position mechanically by an internal slip. Bi-directional, case-carburized slips hold the packer against well pressures from above and below.
Release and retrieval is accomplished straight upward pull on the tubing string.


  • Single-trip capability.
  • Single-piece mandrel construction.
  • Furnished with universal 1.900” API NU connection Penetrator available with 1” flat and round cable.
  • Available in Straight Pull and Cut to release option.


  • Bi-directional barrel-slip design provide high loading capacity and uniform transfer of load.
  • Convenient and handy cable connection all major cable pack-off or feed- thru devices.
  • Field adjustable straight pull release.
  • Standard penetrator available for all size.
Available Size


0 mm

9-5/8 INCH

0 mm

* For Specification guide please refer Specification Sheet supply with each Product.

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