Manufactured smallest Bridge Plug & Cement Retainer in the World

WELLCARE Manufactured smallest Bridge Plug & Cement Retainer in the World. Recently Wellcare Oil Tools has manufactured smallest sized Bridge Plugs & Cement Retainers. In this photo small one is 2 3/8 inch Wireline Bridge Plug and large one is 3 1/2 inch Wireline Bridge Plug. 

Wireline Bridge Plug – are high performance drillable bridge plugs, commonly used for zonal isolation during stimulation or cementing jobs, or for temporary and permanent abandonments.

Key Features – High Performance Upto 10,000 psi and 400oF in most sizes,  Increased clearance and locked construction for faster run-in with packing element locked against swab-off forces, traps setting force in element to maintain pack-off during pressure reversals and also consist of a basic unit which can easily be converted to mechanical or wireline set or cement retainer.

Model WC-WLBP PRODUCT No. WC-21501
Wireline Set Bridge Plug

Model WC-MLCR PRODUCT No. WC-23201
Wireline Set Cement Retainers

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